About Us

We offer a range of Single Estate Certified Organic Olive Oils that we source directly from different regions in Southern Greece.

As we have done since 2001, we travel to Greece each year during the harvest and buy directly from small family growers. We taste the fresh oils each year to ensure they meet our exacting standards. The oils are selected by our founder, a Certified Professional Olive Oil Sommelier.

Each bottle and tin of our organic single-estate oils contains oil from one grower only, often from a single grove. The natural flavour of our oils varies from mild to strong. No matter what your preference we have an oil that will appeal to your palate and your personal tastes.




Our Olive Oils

Olive Oils at the market

From Small Family Farms

We buy from families who have tended the same trees for generation.  We get to know the growers and their family personally. We visit them at work in their groves and accompany them to the olive press.  

We sell only the highest quality extra virgin olive oils from Greece. 

First Cold Pressed, All-Natural, Raw

All of our oil is first cold pressed, to maintain its rich, raw flavour and health-giving nutrients. It is kept in its most natural state, with the least amount of human or mechanical intervention required to draw the oil from the olive. As we like to say, our oil has "nothing added and nothing taken away."

Organic and Grower Direct

Our growers are certified as producers of organic olive oil by independent EU-registered government agencies. We buy our olive oil directly from the growers themselves during the harvest. The oil arrives to us a few months after pressing. We then make it available to you.  We are the only people between the grower and you.


Our organic olive oil is not blended. Each bottle contains the distinctive flavour and personality of a single grower's olive trees. Though we buy from only a handful of growers, the oil from each grower is kept separate so that you get the distinctive flavour of that particular olive variety from that particular place in that particular year. We do not blend.


Our olive oil is not filtered. The natural integrity of the oil, which includes olive fruit particles, has been kept intact. This is what gives our olive oils their intense flavour. As one of our customers put it, "You can taste the freshness of the olive tree itself".

Our oils have a rich green or gold colour and appear cloudy. After time olive fruit particles may settle to create a thick cloud-like layer in the lower part of the bottle. This fruit residue is harmless and is what gives our oil more and better flavour. Just invert or shake the bottle before pouring to evenly distribute the flavour. Factory-produced olive oil is filtered and looks clear. Real olive oil is not filtered and looks cloudy. 

Since we do not use mechanical filling processes the amount of fruit particles in each bottle may vary, with some having very little due to settling having taken place in the tanks before filling. What you can be certain of is that our oils have not been passed through a filter of any kind.

Our 42Trees Oil

Some of our customers asked us for a non-organic oil option and now all of you have the option as well.

We buy this oil from what we consider to be the best-operated press in its region or from the individual growers who take their olives to be pressed here.  Our founder takes his family's olives to this press even though there are literally dozens of other presses that are much closer to his groves.  

This olive press owner shares our commitment to the highest quality and understands how few oils meet our high standards.  Being the third or fourth generation olive press operator in his family he knows his growers and their practices.  He inspects the olive fruit and tests the oil. Whenever an oil is truly exceptional and extraordinary he sets it aside in a special tank reserved for this purpose. 

Depending on the year our 42Trees oil will be from a single grower or from a small number of selected growers whose oil is the cream of the crop from that particular year.

This is the oil that becomes our 42Trees oil.


Other Products

Hand picked olives


Our hand-picked olives are cured by the same farmers who grow them using a traditional family recipe that calls for all-natural methods, processes and ingredients.  The fresh-picked olives are first soaked in fresh clean water, then in a water and sea salt brine.  When ready they are marinaded for flavour and packed in extra-virgin olive oil. This "Classic" flavour is available in both 250g and 500g clear vacuum packs. These very olives from these growers have been recognized and awarded as the best table olive in Greece.  

Balsamic Vinegar

When we set out to find the perfect balsamic vinegar to accompany our premium olive oils we tasted dozens of balsamic vinegars imported from Modena, Italy.  We were looking for a vinegar that had a measure of sweetness but with a definite tarty bite to serve as a contrast for the smoothness of our oils.  We found it.

Aged 4-5 years,this high quality, delicious balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy has uniquely balanced flavours. It is  ideal for dipping, salad dressings and marinades.  

It can be easily reduced to make a sweet, thick, flavourful condiment.

Wild Herbs and Teas

Our wild herbs are handpicked either by us or by our suppliers on remote mountainside fields and dried in the shade to preserve their vivid aromas, green colour and flavours. When you try them you will be amazed.  Available only in limited quantities.

Organic Soap

This is the highest quality olive oil soap available. Rarely can one find olive oil used in soap that is 100% certified organic and 100% extra-virgin. Our bodies readily absorb substances through our skin. So, instead of applying synthetic and harmful chemicals onto your skin use this healthiest of soaps made with the healthiest and most delicious of olive oils.

One of our growers makes this fabulous soap by hand using the certified organic extra virgin olive oil from their own groves. They collect rainwater in barrels and gather wild chamomile to steep in the rainwater. They then follow a traditional family recipe using the oil, chamomile-rainwater and soapmaker's soda to make this wonderful soap.

There are no artificial colours or scents. It is gentle enough to use as a body soap, shampoo and shaving cream. As it cleanses, the soap's natural glycerine and natural moisturizers present in olive oil soften and nourish your skin.

Our soap earns and deserves the name "olive oil soap" and delivers all of the positive things you associate with those words.

Over the past few years soaps claiming to be "olive oil soaps" have increasingly made their appearance on the market. But read the fine print. Most of these soaps are made with inferior, defective or petrochemically extracted olive oils. When decent quality olive oils are used they are not alone, often accompanied by various synthetic substances and artificial colours and aromas.